Introducing … Static Record Cache plugin

March 31, 2009

Static Record Cache permanently caches active record data for classes which contain small amounts of static data.


Eager loading Select Plugin: when :select plays nice with :include

March 26, 2009

eload-select plugin. Allowing :select to play nice with :include for Ruby on Rails ActiveRecord finders.


Why are you still using IE6?

March 19, 2009
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IE6 users could use some advice.


Two blogs are better than one

March 18, 2009

Tech people don’t care about the pow, and snow folk dont care about coding. So I split my wordpress blog into two using awesome amazing tech powers.


Enumeration Columns with Rails

March 18, 2009

One of the many database features hated by Rails is enumerated columns. Even if you add them to your migration by dirtying your hands with SQL yourself, then the schemadumper interprets them as zero length strings as mentioned in Rob Sanheim’s blog. Funtime! I however like enumerated columns because they save space and are pretty, [...]