Delectable plugin treats for the ruby shovers

August 25, 2009

Been a long time. shouldn’t of left ya without a dope plugin to step to. meh. But for reals, I’ve been working way too much. Here’s a tasty sampler of some new and revived github projects: ActiveRecord Dumper Asset Tag Extensions Ruby Prof Request Filters Google Base4r extensions ActiveRecord Dumper script/plugin install Dumper. I [...]


Introducing … Static Record Cache plugin

March 31, 2009

Static Record Cache permanently caches active record data for classes which contain small amounts of static data.


Conditional Page Cache

January 27, 2009

Do to some Obama day drama, I wrote a little plugin that allows you to conditionally page or action cache at runtime. This means that you might page cache depending on the user type, or the date or how you feel when you wake up. script/plugin install At the top of the controller, indicate [...]


MULTIMONGREL! Awesome Action Caching with Rails

January 23, 2009

Action Cache Plugin is super. Tweak it a little for use with multi mongrel environment!