The one and only Snowgiraffe is Blythe

October 17, 2011

I am Blythe and I am the only snowgiraffe. I am co-founder & architect at, and I am not looking for new gigs right now.

This morning a couple of recruiters contacted me to let me know that my resume had been posted on dice under the names Daniel Keith and Dan Samson.

I’ve heard of identity fraud, but stealing someones resume? Huh? Doesn’t working at small startups make that difficult to fake, and wouldn’t being one of like eleventy women working on ruby on rails make me stand out a little? Is someone just playing me to waste my time?

Apparently evil recruiters post fake resumes to steal others leads. This is not cool and quite illegal. Daniel Keith if karma doesn’t find you first, I will.

Thanks to those who did their homework and were kind enough to let me know about this.

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