Analyze This!: Now with Zombies

June 7, 2010

I’m headed to Baltimore today to speak at Railsconf and this year I come with a new sweet house, a new job (back to freelance yay!) and a new knee made of dead people. Well ok, only the exploded ski knee replacement ACL part is made of zombies because I think they cleared most of them out of the new house before I moved in.

I’m actually pretty excited to talk this year because after all the aforementioned ski accident surgery business, I didn’t think I could make it to the left coast let alone walk(ish) and get to present a really awesome story. Huh? you say. Aren’t you talking about, ah hem, analytics? Why yes, and its Ms. Analyze This! to you, actually. I’m going to take this presentation back through time to the early days of digital page view counters (come on, you never hit refresh 6 times so you could be visitor number 1,000… nirvana was playing on radio?) through a couple of  BIG SCALED rails analytics implementations and all the way to today’s brave new world of actionable analytics where we care about retweets and bounce rate instead of how many (not guest, don’t count the guests!) users you had last Thursday. Oh yeah and of course there is code, glorious wonderful code! Here’s a preview and/or challenge. What are 6 reasons you want to avoid this:

after_filter do |controller|
    :ip_address => request.ip_address,
    :headers    => request.headers

Hope to see you at the function! Thursday 10:45am 6/10/2010 Ballroom IV

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