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RailsConf 2009: powered by OMG UNICORNS!!!!

May 11, 2009
OMG Unicorns at RailsConf!

OMG Unicorns at RailsConf!

The over all theme of this years RailsConf was: UNICORNS (click me!) I mean, yeah Rails 3 is rad, racks and clouds are great and we are scaling better now, but now with the power of OMG UNICORNS! The Phusion guys even made a Unicorn edition of Rubystein to prove how fast ruby can go. Wow! I really enjoyed Chris Wanstrath’s  keynote on how you could blog your to your way rockstarness (but its better to be a good coder), but Chris, you forgot to mention that adding unicorns makes a blog at least 83.45% more successful.

Back when I was a little girl, I dreamed of a future with flying Jetson like hovercraft and space travel. Yet this quite frankly, this future sucks. Instead of awesome, everyone just argues over the best way to round button corners. But now…. OMG UNICORNS!I don’t feel so sad anymore. As I mentioned in my SMS talk, I even upgraded my database to run on flowers so the unicorns will come and play! Thanks RailsConf!

There is no need to argue about the best way to add unicorns to your rails app. Simply cornify it up with the new acts_as_unicorn plugin. Acts_as_unicorn gives you control to decide which actions are unicorn worthy.

script/plugin install git://

Add unicorns to your pages!

class UnicornController < ApplicationController
  acts_as_unicorn 'OMG UNICORNS!', :except => :stupid_not_unicorn_action


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