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RailsConf 2009: Integrating SMS with your Rails Application

May 7, 2009

Some ppt slides for you. Slide share soon to come.


SMS On Rails rdoc

script/plugin install git://github.com/blythedunham/smsonrails

At the end of the snowgiraffe SMS show, I demoed the sms on rails engine plugin. I’ll build it into a gem soon, but by using the generator there shouldn’t be any collisions, and the plugin should be version safe as everything is namespaced and modularized. Anyhow, here’s the script:

> rails dog --database=mysql
> mysqladmin -uroot create dog_development
> cd dog
> script/plugin install git://github.com/blythedunham/smsonrails
> script/generate sms_on_rails setup --default-service-provider=clickatell
> rake db:migrate
> mate config/environment.rb

Sign up for clickatell and update the environment.rb with your credentials. Alternatively, use the email gateway (specify no default service provider) and setup your mail settings.

The Generator does the following:

  1. copy images and stylesheets to your public directory
  2. generates 3 database migrations (the 2nd and 3rd have a 2 and 3 appended)
  3. installs clickatell gem and static_record_cache plugin (for email carriers caching)
  4. insert configuration into environment.rb

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